A.L.I.A. Automatic Log In Assistant. Never forget your password ever again! ALIA is a portable password manager for all your online accounts. Very convenient and user friendly! This is the easiest password manager you will ever use. It's also portable, (does not touch the windows registry) put it on a USB and carry it with you wherever you go. Very small, fast, super easy and FREE!

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CraigOMatic SearchBuilder

Search any CraigsList category, anywhere in the country in 5 mouse clicks! Very fast and easy to use. Can be used as a portable app (install on a pendrive) since it does not touch the windows registry at all. CraigOmatic is written in PureBasic which creates very small, fast executables because we don't like bloatware!

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FreeCover is a very small, very fast portable app that will selectively sort through, copy and organize file types based on the file's extension and size. Makes a great companion program to many a file recovery tool such as PhotoRec.

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