Your Bank Acount Can Be Easily Hacked!

Your Bank Account Is Not Safe! And the reason why is because your email account can be easily hacked. Your email account can be easily hacked because your passwords are extremely weak..

You mistakenly believe that your email is not as important as your bank account. Most people say, meh it's just email. Not that big of a deal if it gets hacked. Nothing interesting to see there.

But then you go ahead and do something incredibly ironic..

You link your bank account to your email..

which means that if a hacker can gain access to your email, then all they have to do is go to your banks website and do "forgot password". Then they can go into your email to recover the password and now they have access to your bank account and your money!
So why are your passwords weak?

Your passwords are weak because you are only human!

And as such you can't possibly remember them all. If you are like most people, you..

  • Use your dogs or child's name, or some other easy to remember thing as your password thinking this is a good idea. Well let me tell you.. Any low level hacker with decent password cracking software can figure that out in about 30 seconds. That's not even an exaggeration, I wish it was. A simple dictionary attack is all it would take.

  • Have the same or similar password for everything. This is the worst thing you can do to keep your data safe. Make this mistake and a hacker has access to everything you own. He or she becomes you.. This is just begging for identity theft!

  • Write your passwords down in a place near your computer where you AND a thief can find it without a problem. And if you have a copy machine nearby, all the better! Because now the thief can just copy it and replace your original. You would have no way of knowing that anyone stole your passwords. This one should be obvious to anyone. So why do so many people do it?

You do all these things because you have many on-line accounts and you need passwords that are easy for you to remember. Am I right? Sure I get it, but this is a poor excuse because...

We Live In Dangerous Times!

Almost every week now you will hear a story on the news about how some Chinese or Russian hackers have hacked millions of accounts from popular retailers like Target, Home Depot and so on. Sure these things have always happened as long as there have been computers.. But why all of a sudden this escalation? Who are these "hackers" and why are they doing this?

This Is Cyber War, And We Are Under Attack!

Many of these hackers work for Chinese and Russian government agencies, just like our own NSA. The truth is we are under attack. There are thousands of hightly skilled, government paid computer people all over the world who's only job is to spy on people and dissrupt the flow of a nations economy. It's all part of a strategy. This is what cyber war looks like.

So what steps can you take to protect your identiy? Well, to be honest.. If you are the target of a skilled and determined hacker, then there's probably not allot you could do to stop them. If they want your data they will get it one way or another. If not from you then from another weak source.

But that doesn't mean you should just roll over and play dead. Heck no! Don't make it easy for anyone to get your information. Your passwords are your first line of defense, so take a stand! Here's what you do.

Use A Good Password Manager, It's In Your Best Interest.

Dear Friend,

Passwords are the keys to your data, much the same as your house or car keys. You lock your car and front door right? Why do you do that? To keep the bad guys out!

I wish I could tell you there are no bad people in the world, but it's true and you need to protect yourself. Trust me when I tell you.. You need a good password manager! I can't stress this enough. I've been programmer for 30+ years, I know what I'm talking about.

I have created a password manager that solves all of the above problems, plus it's is easy to use. It's called ALIA password manager. ALIA is an acronym that stands for "Automated Log In Assistant".

Never forget another password again, ever!

E-mail, websites, instant messengers, bank accounts, PINS, passwords, secret qestions, secret answers, your mother in law's maiden name... How can you possibly stay on top of all that login information? No wonder the world is being hacked to death! Now, with ALIA Password Manager you can easily organize all your login and password information into a single program! You only have to remember one master password, that's it! ALIA will keep all of your login info at your fingertips, and away from prying eyes.

Key Features

User friendly, easy to learn and fast as lightning!
Uses a proprietary secure unknown strong encryption method to protect your information.
Can easlily handle hundreds or even thousands of login pairs.
Built in strong password generator so you never have to think of a new password again!
One click automatic login, no copy and pasting passwords.
Installs as portable app on your hard drive.
Copy to USB feature allows you to take your login information with you wherever you go.

Creator of AILA Password Manager

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