Welcome to my little slice of the Webb! This site is my test bed, playground, and software development webblog. I use it to test out different ideas. You may at times see strange things here, or things that don't make sense. Don't worry, you're not losing your mind. It's just me testing some new idea.

Some might ask, why is this website so plain looking? It's simply because I'm an engineer, not an interior decorator. ;) This is a hand coded site, and I enjoy creating things that work well as opposed to just being "pretty". If you're not a coder you probably wouldn't understand (no offense).

So this is more or less a hobby for me, but It's definately a labor of love. An old skool site, created by an old skool programmer. I also like to make software that people can use in their every day life. My current development focus lies on ALIA Password Manager. It's the easiest password manager you will ever use. Check it out and give me a like on Facebook please!

Posted: Oct-19-2022

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